For the past 30 years

Superior Mechanical Quality Commercial HVAC

We are dedicated to serving our commercial HVAC customers across North Carolina with work that is quick, 非常高效。, and done right the first time, 每一次. That’s the way we’ve been doing business since the day our founder, 乔•米利根, opened the doors to his own garage in the late 1980s. 从那时起, the satisfaction of our customers has been our number one priority, and we have never strayed from providing the quality customer service that they deserve.


Introducing Our 威明顿, NC Location

Proudly Serving The Eastern Side of North Carolina

After getting our start in Sophia, NC, we’ve relocated to our current 12,500 square foot facility in Randleman and have recently opened another location in 威明顿. From those long days that 乔•米利根 spent working out of his own garage to now, we have grown into a successful industrial and commercial HVAC company serving cities across North Carolina.

The Randleman space gives us the freedom to design and plan the equipment, 管道系统, and general layout of each mechanical system we service. Randleman continues to serve 格林斯博罗, Winston-Salem, 高点, and surrounding areas. Our new 威明顿 location allows us to serve commercial HVAC customers across eastern North Carolina including 费耶特维尔, 格林维尔, 杰克逊维尔, 洛矶山, 和更多的.

We’ve put a lot of time and effort into building strong relationships with many of the best manufacturers in the industry, including prestigious companies such as Trane, 纽约, 和载体. Our relationships with these vendors allow us to expedite our ordering process, even on custom orders, so that we can continue doing what we do best – serving our industrial and commercial heating and air-conditioning customers.

Despite our exponential growth over the last 25 years, we still like to think of ourselves as local folks. That goes for all the customers we serve, from right here in Randleman and 威明顿 to 格林斯博罗, 高点, 伯灵顿, 托马斯维尔, 北, 费耶特维尔, 格林维尔, 及以后.

Skip all the hype that comes with large corporations and get the quality professionalism of an established industrial and commercial HVAC company, conveniently headquartered right in your state. We deliver honest and straightforward service, and always put our customers first. That’s why businesses from all over North Carolina have trusted us with their HVAC systems for more than 30 years.

We look forward to helping you with your heating and air needs. 请 电子竞技比赛竞猜 online 或打电话 (336) 498-7609 today for any of your commercial HVAC needs.

As we continue to grow, we carefully evaluate the services that Superior Mechanical offers in order to best serve our customers. As of May, 2020, we have decided to discontinue residential HVAC and plumbing services. We are now focusing exclusively on industrial and commercial services, and remain dedicated to providing our customers with the high-quality work they’ve come to expect from us. We continue to specialize in commercial HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance - 和更多的. If you have any questions about our services, please do not hesitate to 电子竞技比赛竞猜. We appreciate your business and are ready to help with this transition.